Bugs – ants –  rodents!

What’s bugging you? Ants in the kitchen? Fleas from your pets? A mouse in the garage? The list of household pests includes those critters, plus termites, earwigs, millipedes, silverfish, voles, paper wasps, snakes, cockroaches, and many more. If these pests are causing a big problem, you need to talk to the pest control professional who handles your situation. But there are some things you can do to keep your home pest free so that you may never need to call in the professionals. Here are four effective pest management techniques. keep home pest free

Maintain your yard. The problem is pests inside the home, but the solution often begins outside. Keep up with yard maintenance. Rake leaves in the fall so animals won’t take up residence in them. Weed flower beds and gardens to discourage pests. Place bird feeders away from the house. Spilled bird seed attracts small animals who may decide to head inside your home for warmth and safety. Find homes for sale in Essex County.

Keep your home pest free

Seal up any spaces that give access to your home. While you’re outside, look around the base of your home’s structure. Look for places where small animals or bugs can crawl in. Insects and critters don’t need much space to make their way in, so look carefully. Shine a flashlight from the outside, with another family member or friend on the inside to identify openings. You may not close off all routes, but if you make it difficult enough, pests may simply move on.

Keep it clean

Keep your home clean. A clean home discourages insects and critters from taking up residence. If your home has an attic, basement, or garage, keep those spaces clean too. To keep out tiny pests such as ants, clean your kitchen on a regular basis. The idea is simple. Remove their food sources, and the pests won’t come in.

Pest Control

Use repellents. Chemical bug killers and repellents are effective, but you might want to opt for natural products, especially if you have pets at home and in your yard. You can keep ants and fleas under control with borax powder and diatomaceous earth. Other natural pest repellents are cinnamon, basil, and catnip. There’s plenty of information on non-toxic pest control solutions online. You could start here for insect control and here for natural approaches to insect and rodent control.